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Baz Kitchen

This set has been a labour of love . I always forget how much work goes into making kitchens and I take my hat off to Peace!

I needed a new kitchen that while still having an industrial vibe is a little more universal . I also love a kitchen that has tons of open storage for displaying all the amazing clutter we have.

More Info and Download below :

Set includes:

  • Counter with slotted shelves

  • Island with slotted shelves

  • Upper Cabinets with slotted shelves (my fav being the tall cabinet)

  • Refrigerator Cabinets  

  • Modular Tile Panels you can place like paintings 

  • Barstools

  • Waiheke Chandeliers in 4 heights

  • A sink in peacemaker-ic’s wonderful Metallic palette

  • Everything tagged in correct colour swatches … I know

  • Custom Thumbnails (Shocking)

  • All LODS and Shadow maps 

  • Search Baz or Kiwisim4 in game to find these easier 

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As always feel free to Recolour, Please just play nice and dont repost behind paywalls or ads 

NOTE : you will need this Occluder to stop getting weird shadows on the cabinets as I changed the shaders :)

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