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Spoopy Unliving

This is a fun collection of Spoopy Items made for various Halloween's.

This year we have a new addition - A SPOOPY PIANO..... Light the candles and play a symphony for your new lover or just practice in case Vladdy daddy arrives

Next up is a redo of Spoopy Fireplace, Light the candles and make Woohoo in front of the Candlelight while you see yourself in the mirror ... Freaks need not apply...

Next is the Immortal Candle set. Place them on the wall, Hang them from the Ceiling, or scatter candles all over the surfaces you have ... 180 slots who ......

Finally, we have the Oppulance Bedroom set. Light your candles, unlock the door, and pack the garlic away while Vlad takes a bite! 

Separate mattress's required

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